Sustainability is a journey. Resources to keep learning.

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination!


At teams4purpose we are life long learners. And in particular the topic of Business Sustainability  needs constant monitoring, as it keeps evolving with many engaged companies leading the way.


We have found that continued learning makes it much easier to understand the big challenges humanity is facing and what actions businesss can take to be part of the solution. We follow certain media, organizations, engaged companies to stay on the top of the news and also read in depth literture to work on more detailed topics.


We host but also attend conferences, webinars, workshops and trainings to get a much better understanding of Business Sustainability and how to intergate sustainable practises into business functions. At teams4purpose we can support your business through our Learning Lab with easy and actionable trainings to engage, attract and retain your employees.


Here you will find some of our favorite resources that have helped us to keep learning on the topics of Sustainability, Positive Impact and Purposeful Business and Climate Action for Business.



  • Regenerative Leadership by Laura Storm and Gilles Hutchins. A wonderful book summarizing what went wrong and how we can fix it based on the notion that we need to regenerate ourselves as humans before we can “fix” the world. 
  • Activate the Circular Economy. Reconciling Economy and Nature by Brieuc Saffré & Nicolas Buttin. A beautiful book, simple to understand yet profound. Beautiful illustrations and a framework at the end to help you take action.
  • Drawdown by Paul Hawken describes the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. All solutions modeled in this book are already in place. This is a hands-on book if you are looking for concrete solutions for Climate Action. 

Documentaries & movies  

  • Our Planet Our Business by WWF & Netflix. Short and crisp, you can project it for free in your company, however, you need to cite the authors. 
  • Tomorrow by Cyril Dion & MélanieLaurent (Demain- Le film). Wonderuflly inspiring movie full of solutions to the challenges humanity faces. 
  • Before The Flood by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is the wake-up call some people need to see.

Media & more

  • Triple Pundit
  • Sustainable Brands
  • Global Compact (follow your local network). We like in particular their SDG Compass for Business.
  • EllenMcArthur Foundation (Circular Economy)
  • Find more resources here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with comments and other recommendations!

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