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5 steps to get started with Sustainability

Are you lost in Transition?

Are you newly appointed to CSR?

Or getting started with Sustainability in your organization?

Don’t know where and how to start?

This 5 steps checklist will help you gain clarity and get started with Sustainability and unleash positive impact within your organization!


This guide gives a general overview on this topic and tools to embark your organization on its net zero journey.

Insights and key concepts included:

  • Climate Change & its impacts
  • Carbon neutrality, net-zero & net positive
  • The carbon footprint assessment and its 3 scopes
  • Reducing emissions and offsetting 
  • Climate disclosure, major initiatives & frameworks 
  • The 9 steps to take climate action as a business
  • How to avoid the risk of “carbon-washing”
  • The link between climate change & biodiversity
“A very nice overview on carbon neutrality and all related key issues and concerns! Concise, comprehensive and to the point!”

The Business Case for Sustainability

We are often asked what “benefits” Sustainability can bring to business.

This Quick Guide provides a framework to showcase how Sustainability impacts  Costs, Revenues, Risks and Intangibles, such as Image and Reputation. 

Ready to start?

Let’s discuss how you can activate Sustainability in your job and business.

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