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Past and future events

Doughnut Economics for Business

This action-oriented 2h workshop focuses on the deep design of business.

It invites companies to engage in a transformative agenda of becoming regenerative and distributive in their strategies, operations, and impacts, so that they help to bring humanity into the Doughnut.

The goal is to leave no one falling short on the essentials of life, without overshooting planetary boundaries.

Central to this workshop is the concept of enterprise design. This is explored through five design layers: a company’s Purpose, Networks, Governance, Ownership, and Finance.

Doughnut economics reveals both design blockages that prevent transformative action, and design innovations that can unlock its possibility.

30 June 10-12h CEST

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Economie du donut pour entreprises

Cet atelier pratique de 2 heures, se concentre sur le design profond de l’entreprise.

Il invite les entreprises à s’engager dans un programme de transformation pour devenir régénératrices et distributives dans leurs stratégies, leurs opérations et leurs impacts, afin qu’elles contribuent à faire entrer l’humanité dans le donut.

L’objectif est de faire en sorte que personne ne manque des éléments essentiels à la vie, sans dépasser les limites planétaires.

Le concept de conception ou du design d’entreprise est au cœur de cet atelier. Ce concept est exploré à travers cinq niveaux de conception : la raison d’être de l’entreprise, les réseaux, la gouvernance, la propriété et les finances.

“L’économie du beignet” révèle à la fois les blocages qui empêchent l’action transformatrice et les innovations qui peuvent débloquer les possibles.

9 June 10-12h (CEST)

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Transformation & Business modèles !

Comment la RSE peut être un levier pour transformer son business modèle et pérenniser son activité ?

Venez découvrir ce sujet lors de notre prochain webinar organisé en collaboration avec Lakaa !

  • Pourquoi transformer son business modèle et comment le faire
  • Partage d’outils et exemples pour transformer les modèles d’affaires vers plus de durabilité, résilienc et viabilité à long terme.
  • Une séance de Q&R sera proposée

25 May à 13h CEST

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Become a Change Agent for Sustainability!


Our client SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University hosted its 1st Sustainability Congress on April 21 and 22, 2023 in Heidelberg, Germany.


Over 300 experts, students, professors, alumni gathered two weeks ago to discuss sustainability in > 30 conferences, workshops and keynotes.

We hosted workshop with > 40 participants on sustainability strategies
✅ steps for co-creation
✅ frameworks
✅ engaging key stakeholders
✅ levers + barriers for implementation

Watch the replay (in German)! 🇩🇪

Let’s talk CSR Strategy!

We kicked-off 2023 as speaker on a webinar organized by Lakaa.

More than 100 people joined the session to discuss:
✅ The 3 key steps to create your CSR strategy
✅ Which frameworks to choose?
✅ How to engage top management?
✅ The impact of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive 
✅ Co-creation to increase cohesion to your roadmap

👉 Go watch the replay (en français 🇫🇷)
👉 Read our blog article in English on the same topic.

World Environment Day 2022

In June 2022 we sponsored the private projection of the film ANIMAL, organized by Neoma Alumni Engaged for Positive Impact.

Our key takeaways from the film and subsequent roundtable discussion:

🔥 We have reached a point of no return on the loss of life on Earth. But, our civilization depends on Earth’s biodiversity.

🔭 We need a new narrative, especially of what success means, as GDP is no longer serving its purpose of ensuring health, work, well-being…

👉 How to get involved as an individual?
– With our wallet, our vote, in our jobs …
– Doing a carbon assessment is essential for concrete courses of action.
– If we can’t afford to consume “better”, then let’s consume less.

🤝 How to engage your organisation?
– Make sustainability personal and tangible.
– Let people be part of a story, a common objective.
– Foster responsibility through empowement (instead of making people feel guilty).

Change Maker Series

In 2021 we hosted the ChangeMaker Series, a conversation with business professionals on their Sustainability journey and careers with purpose.  

A selection of past speakers

SDG Activation Lab

Insead Business & Society


In 2020 we collaborated with the INSEAD Business & Society to host various SDG Activation workshops. The objective was help participants start to make a difference in their jobs and businesses to become #SDGSmart:

● Choosing targeted SDGs : Impact

● Understanding where to start and how to take action : Mission

● Making a personal commitment for Change : First Steps

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