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To reach your CSR objectives and co-create a sustainable company with positive impact, you need everyone’s support!


Your company

  • You have started your transition towards sustainability and have a CSR strategy in place.
  • Your CSR engagement is solid and you have specific objectives and actions in place.
  • Your employees are aware of Sustainability issues and know your companies’ CSR actions.

However, it remains difficult to engage your employees to “take action” and integrate your companies CSR objectives and “reflexes” in their daily jobs. 

You have tried different initiatives to go beyond awareness building: trainings, activities around engagement, specific targets – without having seen significant change and action on Sustainability on a daily basis in your companies’ different departments.

At the same time, you have specific CSR targets to reach for which you would need more traction internally. 

Furthermore, you know by experience how satisfying it is to have a positive impact through ones’ work. You would love to engage more people into this motivating mindset and “embark them on a journey towards Sustainability”.

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What’s teams4purpose about?

teams4purpose is an intrapreneurial program to make action on CSR accessible to employees and add purpose to their jobs.

Our mission is to help you engage your employees to “take action” by taking your companies’ CSR and Sustainability strategy and integrating it into their daily work, through concrete initiatives.

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If your employees have the possibility to express themselves, to participate actively in their companies’ transition to Sustainability, it will add meaning to their jobs, to their day to day… And engaged and happy employees are 12% more productive!


  • 73% of employees are satisfied  at work when purpose are connected to their motivations to work. (Global Purpose Index 2016)
  • 3 enduring benefits of intrapreneurship according to the Intrapreneurship Institute:
    • new products and services
    • employee satisfaction
    • market share increase

A win-win for people, planet and profit 😉

teams4purpose offers three programmes from 3, 6 to 9 months that build on each other with the objective to make employees start taking action on CSR and Sustainability, maintaining momentum and sparkling the 1st “responsible” step within job functions. Teams will be empowered over time on their CSR and intrapreneurial mindsets, to consolidate their approach and become autonomous on the long term.


  1. After our 1st (free) discovery session, your employees will “embark on a Journey to Sustainability”.
  2. During a 1st collective intelligence workshop, they will grab hold of your CSR strategy and that of your main stakeholders to ideate own initiatives and come up with an action plan that integrate these new notions in their daily jobs.
  3. During 3 months, your employees will act in “agile” mode (in parallel to their jobs), activating their ideas, sharing their learnings and sharing their success but also their failures. During 3 months, your employees will receive support to keep focus and momentum to stay in action around their CSR initiatives.
  4. After 3 months, we will run an assessment workshop where your employees will be able to share their outcomes, learnings, challenges and define next steps as a team.
  5. teams4purpose can continue for up to 9 months reiterating the action-assessment phases:
    • Level 1 (3 months) awareness and first action steps
    • Level 2 (6 months) consolidation of CSR initiatives and approach
    • Level 3 (9 months) empowerment to become independent CSR intrapreneurs

Avion en papierTo motivate and engage your employees, this program will be presented as a “journey” towards Sustainability. In a fun and engaging way, your employees will germinate their “CSR seed” and make their personal contribution for positive impact. 

Why ? Because contributing to making a positive impact makes you more creative, optimistic, wanting to discover and is ultimately fun … Like going on a journey!

Are you ready to activate Sustainability within your organization?

Let’s explore together how you could activate CSR from within during a (free) discovery session.

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Start engaging your teams now!

teams4purpose 5 steps guide to help you take inspired action â€“ and include your colleagues in your organization’s Sustainability journey!

Download it for FREE today!

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