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What is Sustainability?

How clarifying this concept can help engage employees I challenge you to ask randomly 3 people around you what Sustainability means … and you will get very different answers ! For most it’s related to economic sustainability (businesses making profit so they can survive and be “sustainable” long term). For others, Sustainability is related to […]

3 key Sustainability insights of engaged employees

The benefits of engaging employees around Sustainability are manifold, such as  adding purpose to people’s jobs increased motivation and performanceand ultimately,  positive impact for society.  But what I like in particular, is that people “expand their consciousness” about what Sustainability is about.  What is probably not surprising is that most people are not aware about […]

4 simple steps to start with Sustainability as a Small Biz

“Business profits from solving social problems” according to Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter and companies world-wide have understood this underlying business opportunity and are actively engaging in Sustainable Business Practises.  We read and hear frequently about what large Corporations are doing to take action against Climate Change and how they are supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  But what about Small […]

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