Are you a change maker “4 good”?

  • You care about Sustainability and having a positive social and environmental impact through your actions and choices.
  • You started and managed to integrate sustainability in your personal life for example through recycling, eating organic food, reducing your meat consumption, going towards a zero waste lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint …

And you would also like to step up “for good” AT WORK.

  • You would love to have a positive environmental and social impact at work and in your job.
  • However, you don’t quite know how to get started. You have more constraints in your professional life, including time and resources – and you are not sure what you could do.
  • You would be interested in getting support to take action for Sustainability at work, in your job.

… You would be interested in joining a circle of motivated people to make change from within their organizations, to take action for Sustainability.

Join the ✨Action for Sustainability Circle ✨

A collective 6 weeks program empowering you to take action for sustainability in your professional life.  

Who is this for?

For change makers motivated to transform their workplaces, their jobs, their businesses “for good”.

What you will get

Support from me and the group. The bi-monthly collective sessions will help you stay in action and be accountable

What’s included:

  • 4 mastermind calls every other week throughout 6 weeks
  • 1 bonus call 1 months after the program ends to keep you accountable!
  • Action steps you will take between the calls and coaching on these

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What you will learn

How to get started with Sustainability in your job, in your business in order to take action for good and engage and inspire others, too.

Upcoming Circle: September-October 2019

The sessions happen every other Tuesday evening from 21-22h CET (Central European Time). Calculate your time zone here

  • Kick-off: Tuesday September 17th at 21h CET
  • Other sessions: October 1st – 15th – 29th.
  • Bonus session: December 3rd 2019

All calls take place on zoom and last about 1 hour. The sessions will be recorded in case you cannot join. The sessions are interactive, so to get most out of them, you should be planning to attend .

The sessions are in English.

Results you will get

  • More confidence to take action for sustainability in your professional life 
  • Knowing about what actions to take
  • Connection with like-minded intrapreneurs and business owners for mutual support
  • Real action and impact “for good”

Your investment

  • 150€/person.
  • Money back guarantee : 2 weeks retractability policy.

Early bird : 30% discount ===> 105€ (150€) until September 10th 2019 midnight CET.

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Reach out to if you have questions!

We are here to help you take action for positive social and environmental impact at work!

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