Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming non-negotiable. Your business might already have implemented a CSR program. Or it might plan to launch its first initiatives this year.

When creating your CSR strategy, it’s important to set goals and action plans. And in order to support the change process, there are certain elements that are key for CSR success. 

Based on our consulting experience as well as best practice cases, we’re glad to share 7 key pillars for successful CSR programs:

  1. Be clear about the benefits of CSR for your business. CSR goes beyond philanthropy to raise funds for a charity. The key is to integrate social and environmental issues into your core business. Here’s how to make your Business Case.
  2. It’s vital to receive support from the top management team and understand that you are in it all together as a team. Management can provide guidance, resources, and the necessary momentum to make change happen. Leadership can also be a role model and “lead by example”, even among peers and across industries.
  3. Make sure that your company has adequate resources to drive change. Plan the budget, staff, and working time. Agree on priorities among teams.
  4. Collaborate with your stakeholders. Involve them from the start and communicate effectively. Keep up motivation, commitment, and shared responsibility for the implementation of action plans.
    Internal stakeholders are for example employees, managers, leadership teams. External stakeholders could be your clients, suppliers, and customers.
  5. Communication is key. Define a communication plan and talk about the “why” of your CSR efforts as well as objectives, actions, and results. Involve your management and employees. Raise awareness through conferences, training, and workshops. Attend a Climate Fresk or Biodiversity Fresk – we are proud facilitators of these serious games.
  6. Track your CSR performance. Review your key performance indicators for your various CSR actions on a regular basis. They should help you adjust your strategy and actions to keep improving in the long term.
  7. Network and learn from other professionals on the topic of Business Sustainability. Participate in working groups, associations, sustainability / CSR initiatives, and share best practices.

The era of sustainable development is here. Make sure your company is set up for success.

About Teams4Purpose

Our mission is to help you take action for Sustainability and have a positive impact in your job and business.

How to work with us:

  • We help you co-create your Sustainability strategy and roadmap.
  • We offer training and up-skilling workshops on Business Sustainability.
  • We support you in creating awareness and engagement among stakeholders through workshops as well as serious games such as the Climate Fresk and the Biodiversity Fresk.

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