4 key steps sustainability roadmap

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In order to help you take action on Sustainability at work, here’s a summer treat 🍦 for you : 

☀️  The 4 key steps to create your sustainability roadmap including examples from our work at teams4purpose. ☀️

It will come in 4 parts, via an email series over the summer 📩

Here’s the outline 

Part 1 – Newsletter 12 July 

Know where you come from to know where you are going: identify your status quo


Part 2 – Newsletter 26 July

Where to focus? Ask stakeholders what’s “material” (important) for your organization! 


Part 3 – Newsletter August 9

Get help! Why it’s key to involve your colleagues to get started and how to do it.


Part 4 – Newsletter August 23

Keep moving! Measure, revise and adjust. 


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