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Our mission is to empower people at the workplace to take action for Sustainability, positive environmental and social impact.

Because EVERYONE can be a change maker for good, also at work! Most people just don’t know how…


teams4purpose® Intrapreneurship for good

teams4purpose® Intrapreneurship for good.

Activate positive impact from within using the collective intelligence of your employees. Click here to know more about our intrapeneurship programs.

Don’t wait to get started. Take action now.

If you want more ideas on how to engage employees on your Sustainability journey, download our free guide 

“5 steps to activate positive impact from within”

FREE GUIDE – 5 steps to activate positive impact from within your organization


Get support to take action for sustainability in your professional life.

teams4purpose® ✨ Action for Sustainability Circle ✨

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Don’t wait to get started, take action now!

free workbook to embrace sustainability at work

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